Pakistani Education system and Reservations of religious Minorities

Pakistani Education system and Reservations of religious Minorities


  • Dr Farhat Aziz
  • Dr.Syed Naeem Badshah Bukhari



Pakistan, Education, system, Reservations, religious Minorities


In the Pakistani educational system, specifically, schools, colleges, and universities official textbooks are used since the time period of president General Ayub Khan. After his era, President General Zia ul Haq has approved an education policy in 1979. A program of Islamization was included in it. General Zia wanted to implement the Islamic Ideology through curriculum development for the thought and character building of the younger generation and to help them with a required conviction of representation in Pakistan. The Islamization of textbooks at every level picks up frequently the religious topics for adorning the curriculum. The overwhelming of the religious topics in textbooks such as the verses of the Holy Qur’an, biography of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), history of Islam, culture and society and students evaluation based on these topical ideas move the child to higher grades which shows that our national educational system presents national educational policy and curriculum make no distinction between academic and religious education. In that, it seeks for practicing Muslims and accepts the challenge of diversity to develop a democratic citizen. Pakistani educational system, curriculum, and textbooks have been facing a lot of criticism for incorporating discrimination towards religious minorities. Critics blame that Pakistani Muslims majority through this national educational policy has created such an environment on which Non-Muslims are considered very low-class citizens with lesser rights and privileges. They also are of the opinion that their (non-Muslims’) contributions towards society are ignored and their love for country is questionable. The main purpose of the Pakistani curriculum is to promote the monotheistic concept for this nation. Pakistan is an Islamic state in which its citizens have recognition as Muslims under the umbrella of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Which excludes Non-Muslim Students from the national identity as minorities. They cannot celebrate Pakistani’s religion, ethnic, diversity. In order to evaluate these criticism and to present the real picture of the issue to reader, we have attempted this research paper. Our research indicates that the above quoted criticism is not based on any practical or analytical proof rather it is just objection for the sake of objection and that Pakistani curriculum adjust non-Muslim students quite well. They are given as much choice and freedom in the syllabus as they need.


JIT Vol 3 Issue 1




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